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743286: The Naked Truth: About Sex, Love and Relationships The Naked Truth: About Sex, Love and Relationships
By Lakita Garth

Everybody's doing it-aren't they Why shouldn't I have sex now
In a world where it seems like "everybody's doing it," why should you say no to sex Internationally known abstinence advocate and sought-after speaker Lakita Garth wants you to know that when you practice abstinence, you are making a decision that will change the course of your life. Here, she frankly and humorously shares her principles for staying pure until marriage, while equipping you with the life skills necessary to be responsible and successful. In The Naked Truth, you'll understand the principles of self-control, self-discipline, delayed gratification and how to achieve your dreams. You'll be ready to establish healthy dating relationships and clearly defined boundaries for physical intimacy, while gaining self-respect and dignity. Why wait Because you're worth it!